City Scratch Mountain
Gender Male
Car Tan Alpine A110

Alex is an inhabitant of Scratch Mountain, that can be found driving by and through the river, in the lower canyon area. He wants to be an adventurer, and asks for the protagonist's opinion on what is the best thing to do, when out on an expedition. They are given a set of answers to choose from, and one of these is: "Rub yourself with a towel everyday!". Once they suggest this option is best, he will be very happy and determined to do just that. When the protagonist talks to him again, he now feels like an Adventurer, and will give them a Cowboy Hat in return for giving him good advice.


  • (When the protagonist first meet him) "Hello. I want to be an Adventurer. Help me decide what I should do. Which do you think is better?"
  • (After the protagonist suggested "Rub yourself with a towel everyday!" to him) "Rubbing with a towel everyday! Okay!!! I'm going to give it everything I've got!"
  • (After the protagonist talk to him again about the towel) "Hello. Like you told me, I towelled down everyday. A kind of hot, burning sensation. It feels like I've become an Adventurer! I believe this helped me a lot. Here, I'll give you this in return. I'll see you around!"
  • (After the protagonist have won both the Grand Prix and beaten the Meister) "Hello. You're the one that helped me with my training to become an Adventurer. Which means you're everybody's favorite Meister, the one who won the Grand Prix. You live in a world so far away from mine. (sighing...) As a new Adventurer, isn't there anything in this world that would make me happier. Congratulations on your Grand Prix victory!!"



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