City Papaya Island
Gender Male
Car Red Volkswagen Panel Van [Typ 2/T1]
Recruitable Yes

Andy lives in Papaya Island. He used to go fishing and had caught three fish. When the protagonist meets him again, he will say that he yields to no-one who wanted to race with him (because he is a VW Kombi, not a race car or something of the sort) and it makes him angry. If the protagonist picks him as your teammate, he will prove the others that he is smarter than they are.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey! You know what? There's a place in Papaya Island where you can catch fish. It's such fun, I can't stop! Are you fast? If you're slow you won't be able to catch them. You can do it at the beach."
  • (before recruiting him) Hey! You know what? I yield to no one when racing! So maybe everyone's scared to ask me to join their team. It makes me angry. Hey! I can join your team! Team up with me, and replace your current teammate, OK?
  • (declining his request) Huh! You too... Well, I didn't want to join your team anyway.
  • (accepting his request) That's what I was waiting for. No one can beat us! I'll try harder than your old teammate!
  • (whilst on the team) Come on! Let's do it! High spirit is what we need in racing. I'm here now. We'll do fine.
  • By the way, can you catch all the fish? I caught 3 fish! That's something, huh? Ha ha ha ha!


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