City Grunge Garden
Gender Female
Car Pink 1991 Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST185)

Angelina is an experienced racer with 21 flags. She calls the protagonist "little" because she thinks it is alright to call them that. She always wanted to be their friend and tells you about the Meister.


  • "Oh, hi little {Protagonist}! You look good! I'm so jealous. What? You don't know where Flags are? Oh, I know that much. Let me tell you! You know that place you go to race? For instance, there is a racecourse near the jewellery store. Anyways, just place in the race to receive one flag. Isn't it simple? I'll give you this, so go get them! See you later!"
  • "You're aiming to become a Meister? That's so nice! Good luck! You'll definitely be able to become one! I'll be cheering for you. According to rumours, I've heard that the current Meister doesn't look at all like a Meister. I always thought that it would be some scary looking fellow. I wonder what he looks like."


  • Car19
    In the Japanese version, she is known as アンジェリーナ (Angelina), and actually, she first appeared in the World Grand Prix in Choro-Q HG 2. In the World Grand Prix in HG2 of the Japanese version, her name is, of course, known as アンジェリーナ, but for some reason or another, her name was changed to Washington in HG2 of the North American/European/South Korean version.
  • The name, Angelina is named after Angelina County in Texas, the United States.
  • The name, Washington is named after the first President in the United States, George Washington.
  • She seems to be an experienced racer, referencing that she raced on a team on Choro-Q HG 2.