City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Yellow Honda Accord Wagon '96

Ansel is a careful-type of man in Noise City who is very aware of strangers. He knows something about Leman.


  • "Oh, who are you... Coming in here without permission...well it's okay. As long as you're not a bad person. But there are some people who seem bad, but they are actually good inside. Like...Le...Leman. He's a good person. If you've got some problems, you should go see him"


  • Car6
    In the Japanese version, he is known as アンセ (Anse Ansel), and actually, he first appeared in the World Grand Prix in Choro-Q HG 2. In the World Grand Prix in HG2 of the Japanese version, his name is, of course, known as アンセ (Keanu), but for some reason or another, his name was changed in HG 2 of the North American/European/South Korean version.


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