City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Red Lamborghini Miura

Arbuk is the cafe owner only in Nyaky, his cafe is only visited by nobles unlike you but if you give him the Choro-Q coin that Gedluna had given you to see Ania, he will let you in to see her. Arbuk can usually give you items he found.


  • "Hello, who are you? Only nobles can enter. Oh, this is the Otto's Choro-Q coin! Please come in."
  • "Welcome to Arbuk's Cafe! Oh, you race too. I'm sorry about earlier. There are some famous customers that visit here, too. Please, relax and have fun. If you need anything, please let me know."
Protagonist: "I'm looking for Miss Ania."
"Oh, I see. Miss Ania is over there. Let me introduce you to her."
  • (if the protagonist has read Ania's letter "Hard Rumour") "Hello, welcome! How's everything, racer? Please make yourself at home. Do you want to talk?"
  • (if the protagonist says "yes") "Do you know about the 3rd tunnel? It's still a secret, but the 3rd tunnel is a tunnel between Nyaky and Brachy. It's a bill being deliberated at the Congress."
Protagonist: "When will it open?"
"It may be difficult to open the tunnel."
Protagonist: "Why is that?"
"The Anti-Tunnel group is against it."
Protagonist: "What is that?"
"A group opposing tunnels. They say that many game players use slot 1 only, so there's no use to build a tunnel. But Baykany in the Congress is Pro-Tunnel."
Protagonist: "It's confusing."
"Politics are like that."

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