City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Blue/Yellow Sukuzi Wagon R

Armash is the postman of Nyaky, he sends the protagonist for a PT job to collect mail sacks for big money.

When Pulbuni and Brokki are furious about being out of the job, they think Armash is responsible as he thinks it is their fault. As the protagonist asks him to "get together", the latter requests the protagonist to go to the Brachy Post Office to get involved into settling the row of the three postmen.


  • "This is Nyaky Post Office. We do our best to deliver mail."
  • "Through wind or floods, you'll get your mail in a buzz. Whether mudslide or hurricane, you get your mail just the same."
  • "We're short of workers. We need to do something about it."
  • (Offering a part-time job) "How are you! Good timing. We're short on workers now. Will you help us?"
  • (If the protagonist agree to do his PT job) "I'll lend you a mail car body so go around the mail boxes and collect the letters. Good luck."
  • (After the protagonist passed the mail collecting) "Good job! Thank you. I'll give you a tip. Help me again sometime!"
  • "Blast it! I'm so angry right now! It's all because of Pulbuni in Brachy!"
Protagonist: "I don't get what's going on. Why don't you all get together?"
"Well, that might work. Then let's meet at Pulbuni's place in Brachy. I'll ask Brokki to come, so will you go there first?"


  • There may be an occasional glitch in the row cutscene at the Brachy Post Office where after the player reconciles Pulbuni, Brokki and Armash, the latter will move slowly.


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