Asian Miracle is the third racecourse of Scratch Mountain. It takes place within the Great Walls of China and a flooded Asian town.

Courses Edit

  • The Short Course takes place within the Great Walls of China and surrounding mountain ranges.
  • The Medium Course will have you drive through a flooded Asian Town. You will end up back in the mountain ranges.
  • The Long Course will have you driving through an extended segment of the town.

Strategy Edit

  • For the Short Course, it is recommended to use tyres fit for Dry Roads. Watch for falling boulders that will slow you down if hit.
  • For the Medium and Long courses, it is heavily recommended to use equipment that can benefit travel on water; it is possible to drive around the water if you're skilled enough, but it requires sharp turning and potentially longer routes. It is recommended to use the Submarinder due to the speed and handling benefits underwater.

Appearances Edit

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