City Noise City
Gender Female
Car Green/Tan Toyota Raum

Audrey is the wife of Boggart, she is waiting too long for Boggart to see her because she said he is supposed to meet her on the bridge. After Boggart and Audrey are reunited, Audrey started crying because Boggart had finally found her.


  • "He's so late... Where is he? I swear...oh? Since when have you been standing here? I'm sorry for not noticing sooner. What? You asked what's wrong? Well, I'm waiting for someone named Boggart. He told me to meet him on top of the bridge, but I haven't seen him yet. Isn't that so rude? If you see him, can you tell him that Audrey is waiting on the bridge."
  • "Oh! You! Thank you so much! Really, Boggart is so forgetful sometimes. To tell you the truth, Boggart is my husband. Today was our anniversary. So we promised to meet at this bridge, where we have fond memories. But... If you hadn't been here, we wouldn't have been able to meet. Thank you so much!"


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