City Grunge Garden
Gender Male
Car Green Dodge Ram Pickup

Babaldy is a farmer in Grunge Garden. Like Kinsera, he tries to grow his own watermelons but they don't actually grow. Luckily you decide to give three fertilizers to him, and later his watermelons are fully grown. At one point, when you mention the Grand Prix, he mishears it as being a type of pudding.


  • "Hi {Protagonist}. It's nice weather again today. But....My watermelons still don't grow, regardless of the weather. Isn't there anything I can do? I wonder if I have to give it fertilizers. Isn't that fertilizer that you have there? Could I have it?"
  • "Oh man, I'm saved! I'm going to use it on my crops now! Thank you!"
  • "Hi {Protagonist}. I used the fertilizer, but... The watermelon... They kind of stopped growing. I think I need more fertilizer. Hey, I think that's it! That's fertilizer, isn't it? It is, huh? Give it to me, give it to me!"
  • "I'm really indebted to you right now. I am very thankful."
  • "Huh? Oooohh!! That thing on your head! That's a frog isn't it? You brought it for me? Oh! That colour matches well with my garden! Thank you! Thanks for the delivery!"
  • "Just a little bit more. My ideal watermelon will be complete. I bet if I give it a little more fertiliser it'd be perfect! Hey {Protagonist}! Isn't that some more fertilizer you have there? With that my watermelon would be complete! Did you bring it for me?"
  • "Woohoo! {Protagonist}, you're starting to look like my god and saviour! I'm so grateful for you! Thank you so much!"
  • "Have you seen my garden? That's a big round watermelon, isn't it? All this wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you so much! Here's a sign of my appreciation! Well, come back to visit me again okay? I'll welcome you whenever!"


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