Bacchus is a cheerful worker at the Factories in Noise City. He is very happy in his progress at work and loves having "little breaks", he heard that Han has been scolded down and doesn't know why. Later he tells the protagonist a secret on what happened. After Han's worries are over, Bacchus is happier for that. When they win the World Grand Prix, he told Big Boss and he was frightened.


  • "Hooray! I'm Bacchus! I work at the big factory. Isn't that great? Over there, where all those big smokestacks are. I actually wanted to work at the big building instead of the factory. But they rejected me. The factory is a nice place. They hired me when I was depressed from being rejected. At the factory, other than me, there is Big Boss, Chewy, and Han working. Big Boss is the leader. Han is always being scolded. I wonder why?"
  • "Hooray! Have you seen the factory yet? It's very nicely built! It's fun at the factory. Everyday we eat out for lunch!"
  • "But I know, that Big Boss is strictly watching Han. I feel so bad... I can never stand and watch. Big Boss should be more nice to Han."
  • "Hooray! The air in the factory has gotten better lately. Han's a little more cheerful. It's a good thing. But as for me, I still need to take my little breaks!"