Type Capital
Location West Island of Quewar
Notable inhabitants 16
  • The Bacherit palace, taken over by the Q-Steins as a fortress
  • A view of the Heliport, with the Arena building the background
Bacherit is the capital city of the Proton Kingdom, where its ruler lives in the palace in the center of the city. 

Involvement Edit

During the day, Ahmadi's troops fought to win back their capital by destroying the new Q-Stein fortress, which was actually the castle of the King of Proton. At nighttime, the player infiltrates the fortress to avoid enemy reserves and win the capital back from the Q-Stein forces.

Landmarks Edit

  • The Castle: Home to the Proton King and also a fortress controlled by the Q-Stein Empire's forces. Near the castle, there are Proton guards and three engineers with surrendered enemy Q-Stein tanks the protagonist can talk to.


  • Post-Recapturing Bacherit, flags of the Q-Steins still are hung even though the Protons are occupying the city when entering the map.


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