Type Building
Location Peach Town
Fuji City
Chestnut Canyon
Mushroom Road
White Mountain
Papaya Island

The Bar is a recurring building within most of the cities in the Choro-Q HG 2 World. Despite its name, the bar tells you about the locations of all Choro-Q coin in its vicinity. The Bartender will greet the player and will tell you a clue on where a Choro-Q coin is. If all coins in the area have been collected, the Bartender cannot tell you anything else.


  • Despite being a "bar", you cannot buy a drink.
  • A bar can be located in every city apart from My City and Cloud Hill.
  • Bars are always indicated by their unique signage - a bottle of wine (except the bar in White Mountain which has 2 barrels in front of the store).
  • Despite the above fact, the bartenders call their bars juice bars.


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