City Everywhere except Cloud Hill, My City, and Fuji City
Gender Male
Car Navy Blue/White McLaren F1 LM
Recruitable No

The Bartender is the owner of a bar. He will always be behind the desk and can inform the player of all the locations of the Choro-Q Coins in the area. Despite being a bartender, he does not appear to sell any drinks.


  • "Hello! Welcome to the bar in Peach Town! Do you know about Choro-Q Coins? They are coins found in different parts of town. Hmmm... Fate is just like its heads and tails. You never know what will happen until you toss it... Nobody knows... These fateful coins talk to me... If you collect them, something good might happen! If you have any questions about the coins around here. Just ask me. So do you want a hint?"


  • There isn't a Bartender at Cloud Hill, as there are no Choro-Q Coins to be found there.
  • At Fuji City, the Choro-Q who owns the bar there is referred to as a Barkeeper.


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