City Peach Town
Gender Male
Car Purple 1976 Ferrari 512 BB
Recruitable Yes

Barthou is a recruitable Choro-Q that can be found driving around the centre of Peach Town. He is over-confident as he says that the protagonist is slow in the process of requesting to be recruited.


  • (About Island Bridge) "If you take the road south out of Peach Town, you'll eventually come across the world's biggest bridge. Did you know that? You can even get pictures. It is called Island Bridge. You should check it out."
  • (Before recruiting him) "Hey! You look slow! You could use someone like me on your team. What do you say?"
  • (Declining his request) "Well, I asked nicely. It's your loss."
  • (Accepting his request) "Good move! I'm better than that other guy."
  • (whilst on the team) "Hi! Hey there! How are you? Let's do our best!"

Trivia Edit

  • He mentions the Island Bridge after he makes a teammate request.


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