Barton is a card collector who lives in a blue skyscraper in Sandpolis, the protagonist gives him the Hero Card from Fight, which is part of getting Stamp 7. When they visit him as a recruitable car, he says that nobody wants to be in his team. He is lonely and preaches at them to let him be your team-mate - if they agree to let him join, he will be happy.


  • "I'm Barton. I love Superheroes. I'm collecting Superhero Cards. Hehehe... Huh? You have the cards? Cool! I want that."
  • (After refusing to give him the card) "You're not giving it up? Well, if you change your mind let me know."
  • "It's you. I see. Did you come here to give me a card?"
  • (After saying "All right") "Really? You're giving it to me? I'm so delighted! I'll give you this in return. Hehehe... It might be too soon for you. Now it's complete!"
  • "Oh, it's only you... I thought it was someone else. Hehehe... Hehehe. Collecting Cards is fun. These cards are my friends. hehehe..."
  • (Before recruiting him) "Hehehe... I'm a racer too, but no one wants me on their team. I'm so lonely. How about letting me race with you? PLEASE?"
  • (Declining his request) "Ah, blast!"
  • (Accepting his request) "Really?! I'm so thrilled! I'll do my best."
  • (Whilst on your team) "Don't worry, I'll work on racing as much as collecting cards.""
  • "All right then. Hehehe."