Faction Q-Stein Empire
Gender Male
Military vehicle Blue Camoflagued Rheinmetall Keiler mine flail
Military rank Soldier, rank unspecified

Barudairu is an antagonist character in Shin-Combat Choro-Q. He is a bonus boss who is fought after Secondary Lieutenant Trenios was destroyed and his research stolen. His main goal is to kill the protagonist. When he is defeated, his tornado generators malfunction, causing him to be sent flying upwards in a vortex as he then explodes.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Flail: Barudairu's primary weapon. When in use, it is deployed at the front and he then charges at the player and will damage and send him flying if it hits.
  • Tornado Generators: The Q-Stein flailer's secondary weapon. Mounted on the sides, the weapon comes into play when he is stationary, and the tornados move randomly across the landscape and will damage and send the player flying if it hits.


  • This boss's name hasn't appeared in the game, but in Japan, the Shin-Combat Choro-Q strategy guide reveals that its name is "バルダイル (Barudairu)". If it had an official English name, "Barudairu" might be spelled such as "Baldile", "Baldyle", "Bardile", "Bardyle" and so on.
  • Its name is very mistakable for "Flailer" because of the Mission title, though there is no official English name for it.
  • In reality, the flail is a device designed to remove landmines, but the boss uses it to attack the player in this game.
  • The Keiler mine flail was based on the hull of the M48 Patton medium tank. Twenty-four vehicles of its kind were produced between 1997 and 1998 for the German Army.


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