City Sandpolis
Gender Male
Car Gray Hummer H1
Recruitable Yes

Benji lives in the Ruins of Sandpolis, also he had lost his Fountain Pen near the temples and there is a stamp earned by finding this. In the daytime he will be in his house saying that he won't look for his fountain pen because he has work to do. He won't accept the pen in his house. At nighttime, however, he will drive around the ruins where the protagonist can give him the fountain pen. He will not be recruitable until they give him his pen.


  • "Hi! I seem to have lost a fountain pen. I looked all over the house, but I can't find it. I think I lost it near the ruins. If you find it, will you tell me? I treasure the fountain pen, but I'm too busy to go and find it."
  • "Oh, I'm sorry! I'm too busy right now! Can you come back at night? I'll probably be researching at the ruins, and looking for my pen."
  • " fountain pen! Where did it go? Ohhhh! That's it!! My fountain pen!! Thank you for finding it! Now, I can concentrate on my work! I want to thank you. Take this! See you!"
  • Thanks for finding my fountain pen. Now that I have it, I'm doing really well in the races! In return for finding my fountain pen, I want to help you with racing. Will you let me join your team?
  • (Accepting his teammate request) Thanks. I'll be a big help. I'll try harder than your former teammate.
  • (Whilst on your team, this is also when the protagonist declines his teammate request which is an actual mistake in-game) "Oh, it's you. I'll do my best in the next race! I want to impress you!"
  • "Oh!"


  • You cannot see Benji leave and enter his house, he will stay where he is until you leave and the time changes, unlike the UFO which will actually fly away when it is the correct time.
  • When racing, if you pause the race and look at the current results, Benji's residency is listed as 'Ruins' instead of Sandpolis. The reason must be because of his distance away from Sandpolis.


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