City Peach Town
Gender Male
Car Lime Green Lamborghini Countach
Recruitable Yes

Best is a green Lamborghini Countach and is a recruitable car who knows about the sea saying it is a magnificent place. He is also a fast racer like every real-life Lamborghini Countach. Whilst racing, he often will end up in the Top 10 if not pushed back or glitched. Once Best has gained more experience after racing long enough on the protagonist's team, he is one of the best recruitable teammates when given great parts and is capable of outclassing the top speed and driving line of Diez and Peo, Best can also achieve the best lap and total times on any race once he has raced through a certain track a few times.


  • "Yes, yes, are you aware? If you head south of Peach Town, there lies a great, big sea...It's a most magnificent place."
  • (before recruiting him) "Yes, yes, I am currently searching for a riding team. Pardon me, but would you consider me for your team?"
  • (declining his request) "That's most unfortunate. Do see me, if you change your mind."
  • (accepting his request) "Thank you. I am honoured to be a part of your team."
  • (whilst on your team) "I'm pleased to be on your team. Next race, you'll have my best."
  • "Yes, it's just that I've been thinking of travelling to Peach Town's southern beach."


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