City Chestnut Canyon
Gender Female
Car Blue Nissan Sileighty
Recruitable Yes

Betty is a recruitable Blue Sil-80 in Chestnut Canyon.


  • "Oh? I don't see you around. You're in the races? I didn't know. If you were faster than me I would have remembered..."
  • (before recruiting her) "Oh? I thought I've seen you before, you must be in different races. I know you're trying hard. If you wish... will you let me join your team instead of your current teammate?"
  • (declining her request) "Oh... no? It was too sudden. I understand."
  • (accepting her request) "Yes! I'm glad. Being in your team seems exciting! I'll try hard instead of your old teammate!"
  • (whilst on the team) "Oh? You came to see me? Don't worry! I'll do my best in the race!"
  • "I talk too much, huh? I think I'm babbling on and on by myself. You should sometimes say what you think, like me!"


  • Betty is Lucy's neighbour. She is a Sileighty (Silvia S13-180SX combo) 'Initial D Impact Blue'


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