City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Black Toyota bB

Bidalt (known in Japan as ビダルト Bidaruto) is the lieutenant of the Tough Chicks. During the night at Brachy after having read Barat's letter about the Tough Chicks and drove around, Bidalt emerges and hits the protagonist then challenges them for a signal race to the intersection, if you lose the race he'll take the protagonist's money. After his loss, Bidalt dismisses the protagonist but when Norahike arrived home which the latter, Bidalt and Daktan are, he scolded them off saving the protagonist from his humiliation, back in Poqui Bidalt gives them an errand to collect something he wanted from the Drive-In and after the protagonist gives him his item he'll give them nothing and send them out. At the other night, he shakes down the matchstick vendor and breaks her matchsticks and then the protagonist witnesses his activity with the victim and Bidalt threatens to race them again. His second loss results in deep frustration and anger. In spite of his disdainful reputation with the protagonist, when the protagonist starts their first grand prix, Draoga organises a celebration for them as all of his members including Bidalt cheered. After the protagonist's victory against Otto in his grand prix, the protagonist has won not only the fame and recognition towards the entire public, but also Bidalt's admiring respect.


  • "We've been waiting for you, dork. We're Bidalt and Daktan, members of the Tough Chicks! Why don't we race from here to the next intersection? But if you lose, you hafta fork over your money."
  • "Are you happy you beat me? All right...I lost. I'll let you go this time!"
  • (when Norahike approaches him) "Oh no! It's the crazy old racer. Let's burn rubber!"
  • "Who are you!? Don't just come into someone's house! Hey! How could  you have done that to me! But I'll let you go for today!"
  • "Wow! {Protagonist'}, what are you doing here! My engine isn't working well right now. I have no time for you! Leave, leave!!
  • "Hey! How could you have done that to me! I'll let you go for today!"
  • "Hey you! What are you doing inside my house!! You must be out of your mind. Well, since you came inside, I'll ask you for a favour! Come on, you're not thinking of refusing my favour, are you?"
  • (if the protagonist agrees to help him out) "That's right. Be obedient. Well, I ordered an oil pan from the drive-in. Can you bring it? Make it quick, OK?"
  • (if the protagonist disagrees to help him out) "Get out! Don't ever come back!"
  • (about to give him the oilpan) "You worked very hard. But you'll work harder. Give me the item and get out."
  • (overtakes the protagonist in Signal Grand Prix) "Move! Sir Bidalt ('s) coming through!"
  • (overtakes the protagonist in Signal Grand Prix) "Ha ha ha! See my real power!!"
  • (overtaken by the protagonist in Signal Grand Prix) "What! Can't be! You passed me?"
  • (is in a close race with the protagonist in Signal Grand Prix) "What level! Try harder!"
  • (is in a close race with the protoagonist in Signal Grand Prix) "Hey, hey! Do better!!"
  • (to Budbach) "Did you see the old guy freaking out today!!"
  • (as the protagonist came to the scene of him and Zamatch) "Who are you!? Butt out!"
    • Protagonist: "I can't do that. You're causing trouble!"
  • "You wanna fight me? Then let's race."
  • (overtaken by the protagonist in his race in Poqui) "Am I losing again!?"
  • (if the player was beaten by Bidalt in the race of harassing Zamatch) "Ha ha ha! I told you you'll get hurt. Don't ever act big!"
  • (beaten by the protagonist again for harassing Zamatch) "Shoot!! Don't forget this!"
  • (altogether with Eskan, Draoga and Daktan celebrating for the protagonist's first Grand Prix) "Yeah!"
  • "Awesome! {Protagonist}! You're the pride of the Tough Chicks!! From today on... let me call you  our hero!!"


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