City White Mountain
Gender Female
Car Red Nissan X-Trail
Recruitable Yes

Blonty drives up the mountain pass in White Mountain and jumps off the ski ramp each time she climbs to the top of the mountain. She is recruitable after the protagonist has found the Papu Flower which is on Papaya Island.

Quotes Edit

  • "La la la.... White Flower comes. Comes from Papaya...La la la...Comes from a la la... Oh! Did you hear my song? I'm embarrassed now.... Grandpa taught me this song. I've never been to Papaya Island but the song is about the island. Strange, isn't it? It sounds like, if you go through a cave, you'll find an island."
  • (before recruiting her) "La la la... picking white flowers... picking on Papaya... la la la... riding on the wind... la la la... Hey! This is your song! Anyway, how does it feel to be racing on a team? I've never team raced before. I'm interested in it. Do you want to replace a current teammate with me?"
  • (declining her request) "Ah, well no problem. I'll sing and drive alone."
  • (accepting her request) "Oh, really? Thank you, I'll do my best!"
  • (whilst on the team) "Oh, gosh! I can't wait 'til the next race!"
  • "Okay. See you!"


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