City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Yellow Grove GMK 4070

Bobruth is the remodeller in Poqui, he is claimed to be Leehod's cousin.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hi! We'll build anything!"
  • (If the protagonist is short on funds) "You're still a poor, scrappy old kid! Save more and come back!"
  • (If the protagonist doesn't have an ID"Oh, you don't have an ID yet. Get an ID and come back."
  • (If the protagonist has an ID) "Hey, you seem like an adult! Let's remodel your garage!"
  • (When the protagonist's house is still remodeling)"Oh, your place is being remodeled. Come when it's done."
  • (After the protagonist got the luxury garage) "You now have a luxury garage. There's no more."


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