City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Tan/Brown 1969 Isuzu Bellett

Boggart is the husband of Audrey, he is waiting too long for Audrey to meet him because he thought that she was going to meet him under the bridge but Audrey wanted to date him privately. After they reunited, Boggart promised he'll be by Audrey's side forever.


  • "She's so late. We promised to be under the bridge! I wonder what happened. Oh!! You there! Listen! I promised someone I'd meet her under the bridge. And she's not one to ever be late. Her name's Audrey. Have you seen her?"
  • "What? On top of the bridge? ????! Oh!!! That's right!! We did say on top of the bridge! Thank you so much!!!"
  • "Hey, you, really... Thank you so much... I'm a little embarrassed. But I think it'll be a good anniversary. Thank you so much. Oh yes, here, take this. It's burning like our passion for each other. I hope you like it."


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