Boss Rorke
Boss Rorke
City Chestnut Canyon
Gender Male
Car Zambezi/Voodoo Komatsu
Recruitable No

Boss Rorke (Japanese: ロークおやかた Master Rorke) is the boss of the Chestnut Canyon Volcano Course work site. When first met, he says he is injured by a lava burn and needs someone to get his tools from the metal towers. The course takes place inside the volcano, and it invloves driving skillfully, slowly and requires a lot of patience. The course itself is a minigame in its own right.

Completing the course gives you a stamp, and so does completing the course in under 1:10.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey! You came at the right time. I'm Rorke, the boss of this Volcano Course work site. I forgot a wrench, but I accidentally tripped... I'm hurt, so I can't go and get it. I'm sorry to ask you this, but will you go get the wrench for me?"
  • (Before the protagonist want to go play Volcano Course) "Do you want to go into the burning cave?"
  • "Here are the rules! Use the narrow "scaffold" made of iron netting to bring back the wrench in the tool box. The "scaffold" is very narrow, so don't go too fast. Once you fall out, you'll be returned here."
  • (After the protagonist said "Yes!") "Watch out!"
  • (After the protagonist said "No!") "All right..."
  • (After the protagonist failed the Volcano Course) "You didn't make it... Do you want to go to the burning cave again?"
  • (After the protagonist passed the Volcano Course) "Hey! Thanks! You're a great driver! You are a great help! Come again!"
  • "Ouch... Hey! Thanks for the other day! You were a great help! Do you want to challenge it again with a time limit? You have to make it to the tool box in 1 minute 10 seconds!"
  • (After the protagonist passed the Volcano Course and defeated the record) "Gosh! You're a great driver! You're good enough to take over my job! Come again!"


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