City Scratch Mountain
Gender Female
Car Peach/Black 1991 Nissan Skyline MkVII

Botch is a bored individual who needs a new lifestyle. She used to have a pet bird in her cage, but had since let it go. If the protagonist suggested that she would play the piano, she did not get bored of it and decided to keep practicing to play it. Botch also wanted to be in a band.


  • "Sigh...I wonder if there is something interesting in this world. I get bored so quickly. No matter what I do, it's so unfulfilling. The bird that I had, I ended up letting it go. I want to get out of this lifestyle! Maybe I should start playing an instrument. What do you think would be good?"
  • (if the protagonist suggested the piano) "That might be interesting. I'll give it a try! I won't get bored this time!"
  • "Hey! I can't believe it! I don't get bored of the piano at all! And it's so fun! Unlike ever before in my life, I practised so long and hard! Here, listen real quick! So? You wouldn't have thought that I just started, would you? Maybe I am extremely talented! Oh, I'm starting to think this is a waste of my talent just practising at home!"


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