City Nyaky
Gender Female
Car Purple 2003 Toyota Corolla Mk.IX

Boyna is the onomant of Nyaky. She is weird and she's Shala's sister. She can request the protagonist to have their palms read, have their fortune told or rename them (and see if the new name can bring victory and if it does, she will give in an item). The only way to see her is driving in Nyaky at night.


  • "Woooo! I will read your palm. Would you like to try?"
  • "Come here and don't move. Wooo... Wooo... Wooo... Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Oh! You're at a turning point!"
Protagonist: "What?"
"You're concerned right now."
Protagonist: "Maybe so."
"You're tired of racing. You're lazy to explore the town. If you had money, you would buy expensive parts and win races. Is there any easier way of making money? That's what you want to know. Woooo! Let me tell you... Wooo... Wooo... Wooo... Woooooooooooooooooooooo! There is no such way! An inch ahead is darkness, or maybe light. Recall how you felt in the beginning, and move ahead! Then your path will open up!!"
Protagonist: "Thank you."
  • "Woooo! How about a fortune telling by onomancy?"
  • "Oh! Your current name is neither good or bad! You can expect a reasonable result. Do well in racing!"


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