HG4 MapB
Type Basic city
Location North
Notable inhabitants 52

Brachy Town (Japanese: ブラチータウン Burachī Town) is the first town in Choro-Q HG 4, where the player begins his or her journey as a racer.

Background Edit

Brachy is a typical middle-class town that has many landscapes, many commercial buildings such as the hospital, civic centre, school, etc. There is also a harbour. It is the player's hometown and home to the paint shop and bank for the player to use as service. The parts and body shops provide a vast majority of low income items and some at a moderate price.
Mito 00

Buildings Edit

  • Garage 1
  • Garage 2
  • Garage 3
  • Bulletin Board
  • Brachy Post Office
  • Boquet's Flowers
  • Letoba's Cafe
  • Brachy Police
  • Kaleri Fire Station
  • Murtica Hospital
  • Sobka Elementary School
  • Brachy Parts Shop
  • Paint Shop
  • Brachy Body Shop No.1
  • Brachy Body Shop No.2
  • Larc's Harbour House
  • Chitol's Photo
  • Brachy Park
  • Norahike's House
  • Obsuff's House
  • Renkol's House
  • Mistenka Civics Centre
  • Brachy Trust Bank
  • Choroyter Times
  • Team Ranolfka


Known Tasks Edit

  • Here's the rival!!
  • Here Are The Tough Chicks!
  • Meet Norahike by fate!
  • Heard about the Emperor!
  • Eskan challenges!
  • Mysterious bean story! (Secret Event Involved)
  • Stopped water hydrant!
  • Playing Chicken with Larc!
  • Delivered rust retardant!
  • Fish with Larc!
  • Caught the robbers!
  • Got birthday present 1!
  • Found Yaeko!
  • Donated to the hospital!
  • Rescue at construction site!
  • Norahike's harsh coaching!
  • Got birthday present 2!
  • Ran Sobka's errands!
  • Remodelled the garage!
  • Joined the team! (if deciding to join Team Ranolfka)
  • Got an ID!
  • Joined the police patrol!
  • Awarded the Medal of Honor!
  • Lottery tickets on sale!
  • Ran Morinka's errands!
  • Extinguished the fire!
  • Got birthday present 3!
  • A newspaper interview!
  • Visit Barat at the hospital!
  • Delivered Liche's love letter!
  • Fountain experiment!
  • Got birthday present 4!
  • Delivered police ID !
  • Got birthday present 5!
  • Meet Norkia!


  • It is unknown as to why there is an empty lot in the area of where the shops are located. It is likely that something was supposed to be in that area, but was removed during the game's development.


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