City My City
Gender Male
Car Red Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Fire Truck
Recruitable No

Brian (Japanese: ブライアン Brian) is a firefighter from Fuji City. If the protagonist visits him during the night, he'll be asleep and have a nightmare about a fire. If the player does tell him there is an actual fire, you will receive the fire truck body (Choro-Q030) and Stamp 42.


  • (when first meeting him) "I'm the type of guy who always puts out the fire. I like to look for fire. Be sure to tell me if you heard of a place that needs a fireman."
  • "Be sure to tell me if you hear of a place that needs a fireman."
  • (before knowing about My City) "Is there any city that needs someone like me, to put out fires?
  • (after the protagonist told him about My City) "Oh! My City? That sounds nice. Thanks, I'll go there!"
  • "Well, I need to look out for fire in My City!"
  • "Hello! Thanks for coming!! I've been waiting for you! You are a lifesaver!"
  • "Look! I built myself a very nice fire station! It's all because of you! Thank you so much!!! I'm always on the lookout for fire!"
  • "Oh, hi! It's you! I must be doing well, watching out for fires. There isn't even a little bit of fire here. Yes, it's a safe world."
  • (having a nightmare) "Zzz zzz...huh!!! Z...!! Well...Zz..Is there a fire??"
  • (after the protagonist said "Maybe") "Wh-what!? (mumble) Here it comes!! You can have this. Well...z..let's..z..go! (sound asleep)"


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