City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Blue/Yellow Sukuzi Wagon R

Brokki is the postman of Poqui, after you give him the Brachy Mail Sack; he exchanges you the Poqui Mail Sack to give to Pulbuni. After the angry Pulbuni sent you to ask Brokki why he is out of the job; he blames Armash for something wrong. As the latter invites himself, Brokki and the protagonist round the Brachy Post Office, the three postmen suddenly get into a debate contradicting each other about whose fault it is. The player must settle their argument by giving them 3 slot cars each.

Quotes Edit

  • "This is Poqui Post Office. We do our best to deliver mail."
  • "Through fire or storm, you'll get your mail before the morn!"
  • "Whether earthquake or typhoon, we get you your mail real soon!"
  • "We're short of workers. We need to do something about it..."
  • "How are you!? The mail finally arrived! What is Pulbuni doing? "But thank you! Everyone is waiting for the mail. Now please deliver this mail to Brachy Post Office. Good luck!"
  • "How are you!? You haven't gone yet? Don't take a side trip."
  • "I can't believe it! I'm absolutely livid right now! I'm outta the job. And it's because of Armash in Nyaky!"


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