City White Mountain
Gender Male
Car Brown/White 1998 Toyota Harrier/Lexus RX300
Recruitable Yes

Brown drives around the frozen lake. Brown knows about a millionaire named Keitel and his four sons named Ross, Madison, Busheme (who are "all mean guys") and Bunger (who is not mean).


  • "Hey! You are running well! I've been running a little too! By the way, Keitel's sons are all mean guys, except Bunger. But the pictures of fish they have in their rooms are pretty interesting. Take a close look at them."
  • Hey! You are running well! Keitel's sons are so into racing. I can't believe they're enjoying it so much. They used to race just because they were bored.
  • (before recruiting) "Hey! You are running well! By the way, unlike Keitel's sons you're such a nice person! I wanted to team up with someone like you and race together. I feel a bit strange asking you, but... Make me a team member. Please?"
  • (after accepting request) "Yeehaw! I'll show you all I've got! I'll do my best! See you!"
  • (after declining request) "That's too bad. Next time you're looking for a teammate, think of me, okay? See you!"


  • He is named after his top body colour.