City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Persian Plum Brown 1963 Daihatsu Midget

Budnik is the owner and head deliveryman of Budnik's Delivery in Poqui Town. He has an upbeat personality full of energy, and always encourages his employees to work hard.

After some in-game months have passed, you will receive a PT Job letter from Budnik in the protagonist's mail inbox, informing that the business is looking for another worker. If they visit Budnik, he will ask if they would like a part-time job, to collect packages from his customers throughout the town. If they agree to work, he will lend them the delivery body (Choro-Q006) to use, and the Package Collection Game will begin. After the protagonist has completed the job, he gives them a 3000G salary as a reward. When they return on future occasions, they will be able to initiate and complete the job again at any time.

At night, although this event at first may not appear, Budnik may introduce them to Dublonik, who is the long distance delivery director of the business. He will give the protagonist an additional part-time job, to transport and deliver a special load to a far away destination.


  • (From his "PT Job" letter) "A part-time job! Collect packages. Looking for someone cheerful and energetic! Budnik's Delivery"
  • (When the part-time package collecting job event occurs) "Hi! This is the energetic, refreshing Budnik's Delivery. Looking for a part-time job?"
  • (If the protagonist agrees to work) "Here it is. I will lend you a delivery body. Let's work hard today, too! Back up and hit the flag, which shows that there is a package. The customer's packages are more important than a spring. Keep that in mind! Yes!"
  • (If the protagonist refuses to work) "What! No? Come again if you want a part-time job."
  • (After the protagonist has completed the Package Collection Game) "Well done. Good job! Ha ha ha. Yes!"
  • (When the part-time long distance delivery job event occurs) "Hi! This is Budnik's Delivery. How may I assist you today? Looking for a part-time job?"
  • (If the protagonist agrees to work) "Good, I knew it! Ok, use this delivery body. I want you to make a delivery to a distant place. I'll call up the long distance truck driver. Wait here for me."
  • (If the protagonist refuses to work) "Really!! Are you sure? Come back if you want to work."


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