City Cloud Hill
Gender Male
Car Cyan Rocking Horse
Recruitable Yes

Bulls is a rocking horse Choro-Q in Cloud Hill. When he is first met, he thinks he is better-looking than the protagonist. He can be recruited after they become the president. However, he is not a very good racer, coming in below 20th in the Tin Raceway. He has no jobs for the protagonist to do or any gifts to give.


  • "Hi! You look pretty cool, but I look better. Ha ha!"
  • (After the protagonist become the President) "Hi! You look pretty cool! Oh, oh! You must be the president! I'm lucky!! I look better than you! Ha ha!"
  • (If the protagonist is president, before recruiting him) "Hi! You look pretty cool! Oh, oh! You must be the president! I'm lucky!! You know what? Will you add me to your team replacing your current teammate?"
  • (If the protagonist is president, declining his request) "Boo, how sad. I wanted to race on the president's team."
  • (If the protagonist is president, accepting his request) "Thanks. We are a team now! I'm glad to be on your team! I'll work hard in place of your previous teammate. I must tell my friends now!"
  • (If the protagonist is president, whilst on the team) "Hey! You always look nice. I like your colour! I hope you have a nice race!"
  • (If the protagonist is president) "You know, I'm sensitive about my appearance. I like painting my body uniquely."


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