Bunta is a rock guitarist of Noise City. He is very upset because he had lost his beloved guitar and says it is his favorite. After the protagonist had gotten it back for him, he really likes to be in a band so that everybody would love his guitar.


  • "This is bad... I've lost my favourite guitar. Seriously! I'm in a rut! If you find it, tell me! I really need it. Thanks!"
  • "This is bad... I've lost my favourite guitar. Oh! That! Isn't it my guitar? It's my baby! Please! Can I have it back?"
  • "Woohoo! I'm in debt to you! Thank you so much! I can't simply not repay you for what you've done. Let's see... Here, take this! I'm a guitarist! Hehehe."


  • Bunta (he is a guitarist), Souza (he is a keyboardist), Ryum (he is a bassist), and Gonz (he is a drummer), their names from Japanese Rock'n Roll & Blues & Jazz and Electricity & Acoustic Band : "Pink Sardine" , BUN (Guitarist), Souko (Keyboardist), Ryu (Bassist), Gonske (Drummer), and Tsuru (Vocal). And the reason why Bunta, Souza, Ryum, and Gonz's name from them is, "Pink Sardine" is closely related to "Choro-Q HG 2 (Road Trip)" and "Choro-Q HG 3 (Gadget Racers)". The songs that they made are included in Japanese version and seen in the staff credits. Tsuru, BUN, Souko, Ryu, Gonske are seen. And their names are seen on credits in "Choro-Q HG 2", too.