City Echo Forest
Gender Female
Car Tan 1994 Nissan 180SX (RPS13)

Calcia decided to make a recipe by making mushrooms but doesn't know which one should suit the taste for it. She doesn't know if she can eat the red mushroom, the white mushroom, the black mushroom or the green mushroom. When the protagonist pick the correct mushroom, she rewards them with a key which someone else just dropped.


  • "What to do... I picked up some mushrooms in the forest and came back with 4 different kinds. The problem is, I don't know which mushrooms are edible. There's a red, yellow, black and white mushroom. Which ones are edible and which aren't?"
  • "Oh brother...I don't know which mushroom is edible. Do you know?"
  • "Thank you. Well, let me place these over here. What a nice fragrance. Oh yeah, I found this when I was looking for mushrooms in the forest. It looks like a key. I wonder who dropped it? What? You'll look into it for me? Thank you. Sorry for all the trouble I'm causing."