Captain Bergstrom
Captain Bergstrom
Faction Q-Stein Empire
Gender Male
Military vehicle Black "Tiger II (P)"
Military rank Captain

Captain Bergstrom (originally known in Japan as ゴルヒチン大尉 (Goruhichin Taii Captain Goruhichin)) is an antagonist character and the second Q-Stein leader who appears in "Sniper in the Sand". He is also the commander of the Special Forces, which consists of customized Q-Tanks.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Captain Bergstrom is a well-trained sniper which makes him deadly at long range.

  • Long Shot: Bergstroms' primary weapon. This deadly long range cannon fires a long shot shell that can cause a lot of damage if it hits.

Personal DataEdit

The following is the data that the Japanese official strategy guide reveals:


  • 150

Parts InstalledEdit


  • (Ordering his soldiers) "Freeze them.... I'll make a shot."
  • (Destroyed by the player) "My long rifle can't get them...."


  • Captain Bergstrom is originally known in Japan as ゴルヒチン大尉 (Goruhichin Taii Captain Golhichin), and if there was an official English translation, it might be spelled such as "Golhichin", "Golhitin", "Gorhichin", "Gorhitin", "Golheechin", and so on.
  • The character is named after Peter Bergstrom, the Vice President of Publishing in Conspiracy Entertainment.


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