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The following American/Europe Choro-Q games are accounted for via PS2 or ISO File at this time!

-Choro-Q HG 4, Choro-Q HG 3, Choro-Q HG 2, Choro-Q Wii and Shin Combat Choro-Q-

The following Japanese Choro-Q games are accounted for via PS2 or ISO File at this time!

(In the future will be translated by LunaHydreigon and Facepalm38 )

-Choro-Q Works and Choro-Q Wonderful!-

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Games need to be covered:

Choro-Q HG and All other English Choro-Q Games

If a template is needed ask me, LunaHydreigon to make a template page!

Templates Templates Templates
Template:EngineInfobox Template:LocationInfobox Template:CQHG4RearPartsInfoBox
Template:WheelInfobox Template:LandmarkInfobox Template:SADcharacterinfobox
Template:Transbox Template:SADWeaponsInfoBox Template:CharacterInfobox
Template:TiresInfobox Template:SADEngineInfoBox Template:GameInfobox
Template:ItemInfobox Template:SADSpecialPartsInfoBox Template:EnemyBox
Template:BrakesBox Template:SADTravelPartsInfoBox Template:CQHG4CharacterInfoBox
Template:ChassisInfoBox Template:SADInternalDevicesInfoBox Template:SADRadarInfoBox
Template:CPUBox Template:FactionsInfoBox Template:SADTurretGearInfoBox
Template:CQHG4EngineInfoBox Template:SADComputerInfoBox Template:SADArmorInfoBox
Template:EngineInfobox Template:WiiTiresInfobox Template:WiiFrontPartsInfobox
Template:WiiSidePartsInfobox Template:WiiHolderInfobox Template:WiiEngineInfobox
Template:CQHG4HoodPartsInfoBox Template:WiiOptionalPartsInfobox Template:CQHG4Accessories
Template:CQHG4FrontPartsInfoBox Template:CQHG4WingInfoBox Template:CQHG4SidePartsInfoBox
Template:CQHG4TurboInfoBox Template:PerfectCQVehicleInfoBox

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