This page contains links to the different types of parts from the various Choro-Q games. Parts in Choro-Q games are used to upgrade your car. They can either be bought at the part shops or through completing tasks.CURRENTLY EDITING THIS PAGE

Acquirement Edit

Parts Edit

All Choro-Q have basic categories for all parts. Remember to go to any of these pages to learn about the parts in more detail. The categories are;


Steering Edit

  • Quick Steering - The quick steering wheel is first available from Peach Town. It improves steering by 1.5.
  • X2 Quick Steering - The X2 steering is an improved version of steering. It's first available to buy from Sandpolis. It is 2 times better than normal steering.
  • X3 Quick Steering - The X3 steering is available from Coine in My City after collecting 60 coins. It is 3 times better than normal steering. It is the best steering wheel in the game.

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