City Brachy
Gender Female
Car Pink Citroen 2CV

Cherny (known in the Japanese version as チェルニー Cherunī) is the elder sister of Yaeko and the owner of Bouquet's Flowers. Cherny reveals Yaeko hasn't returned yet and wants her to look after the store. The protagonist agrees to find Yaeko for her. Once they do find Yaeko, she will return to the store and Cherny is really happy to see her again.


  • "Umm, umm, lots and lots umm, flowers here."
  • "Umm, umm pretty flowers umm lots here."
  • "Umm, umm, well... Umm...My...My younger sister Yaeko is missing... Please, help me. Please."
Protagonist: "Aren't you the younger one?"
"Umm, no, I'm Cherny. I'm her elder sister. Well, my sister is very mature, but I'm not. Anyway, um... Umm, hum. Umm, Yaeko hasn't come back since this morning. Umm, umm, can you go find her?"
  • (If the protagonist agrees to find Yaeko for her) "Really!! I'm so happy!"
  • (If the protagonist disagrees to find Yaeko for her) "Why not!? Please!! You are the meanest Choro-Q in the world!"
  • "Umm.. umm.. how may I help you. Are you interested in flowers?"
Protagonist: "Oh, I'm Mr. Norahike's friend." 
"Oh I see. This is the flower that he ordered. Here you go!"


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