Chestnut Canyon
Chestnut Canyon
Type Canyon village
Location West
Notable inhabitants 22
Chestnut Canyon (known in the Japanese vesion as マロンキャニオン Maron Kyanion "Marron" Canyon) is a small village, located in a large canyon. The "urban" section of the region, is significantly small, however the whole region streches considerably far out.


Chestnut Canyon, is named after the rocky colour of canyon. Most houses are made out of wood, while some are caverns. The Q's Factory can be accessed by driving up the spiraling road etched on the canyon.

It can be accessed by driving through the Sand/Canyon Highway. Since this highway connects to Chestnut Canyon, the latter is deeply inspired by the Grand Canyon, Arizona.


Characters that Move to My CityEdit

Local buildingsEdit




  • The name in the Japanese name is "マロンキャニオン (Maron Kyanion)". The word "マロン (maron)" is a Japanese-styled-pronounced word for a French word, "Marron", which means brown or chestnut, or literally "maroon".


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