City Brachy
Gender Male
Car Pink Honda S800

Chitol is the owner of the Photo Shop. He has the shop closed when the protagonist first start the game, and it will always be empty when they visit. The shop will only be re-opened once the protagonist has done a good amount of racing, of which they will be informed via a letter received from Norahike, saying that Chitol's Photo Shop has been opened. When they meet Chitol, he will tell the protagonist that he closed the store already and is getting old. He does not wish to take any photographs at first, so they must convince him to take their photo, as they require one for their ID card. He will give in, and inform that it will be ready in a month's time. When the protagonist does pick up their photo, he will say that he can now finally close his store, and does just that. When they try to visit afterwards, the shop will then always be empty once again.


  • "Wow! I closed the store already. Sorry about that."
Protagonist: "I was thinking to come here to take my picture."
"Young folks don't come here to take pictures nowadays. You can take a look at it through the custom screen."
Protagonist: "Please."
"But I closed the store already. Besides, I'm getting old, too."
Protagonist: "Please! Have a heart!"
"Alright, alright. Then I'll take one picture for you. Please wait until I'm ready. OK, ready? Say cheese! OK, it's done. Come back next month to pick up your photo."
  • "Here, your picture is ready. I can finally close my store. Goodbye."


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