City Sandpolis
Gender Female
Car White/Pink Fiat 500
Recruitable No

Chocolat maintains the bakery in Sandpolis, where she offers the protagonist a part-time job, advertising her products. If they choose to accept her job, she will pay them 30 currency units per kilometre. She claims that she will be watching them in the races once they collect their payment. She also gave you a sign.


  • "Hello! Welcome! Would you like to try our cake? Huh? What? You didn't come here to eat cake? Oh, how odd... I was asked by the manager to do this part-time job. This is an annoying job. Carrying around some cake shop sign makes me look bad, doesn't it? Oh yeah! Hey! Don't you race around town? How about doing this for me? You're driving around anyway. Please! All you need to do is drive around with our sign on. You get £30 per kilometre. You'll do it, right?"
  • (If the protagonist disagrees to do her part-time job) "What? You won't do it? I'm so disappointed."
  • (If the protagonist returns after refusing to do her part-time job) "Welcome! I don't really like this job, but you'd be good at it. Will you work part-time? You'll do it, right?"
  • (After the protagonist agrees to do her part-time job) "Gosh! Thank you! Here you go. I'll put it on for you. Come back after you've driven around for awhile."
  • Oh? It's just you. I'll give you 30 {insert total currency} per kilometre. Good luck with the race! I'll be watching you!


  • Chocolat comes from the French word for chocolate, and many bakers use chocolate.


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