Choro-Q Wonderful!
ChoroQ Wonderful!
Choro-Q Wonderful!
Platform Playstation®1
Developer E-game
Publisher TAKARA
Genre Racing, RPG
Year released 1999(JP)

Choro-Q Wonderful! (Japanese: チョロQワンダフォー!) is a PlayStation game developed by E-game inc, published by Takara. The game was sold in Japan only.


You're a Choro-Q that won in the recent World Grand Prix. But one day, you went around the city and you backed up into your garage. Because you didn't know the World Grand Prix Cup was behind you, you broke it carelessly. Soon, your best friend, Rival came in there, he said: "Hey! What's up? Oh, you don't look ok. The World Grand Prix will be held soon. But, I won't letcha win this year. Your vaunted Cup will be mine... Oh? Where's your vaunted Cup? But it's OK. You can't be lookin' your Cup so long. By the way, you're installin' weak parts. If you entry a race with 'em, you'll fail at the heats around cities. Oops, your petrol tank's just empty. You'd better go to the Q's Factory to be filled up. Later!"

He goes back, and you must come up with something good ideas to gain the Winning Cup again...

Gameplay MechanicsEdit

Game system, or any other things are similar to Choro-Q HG 2 stamp system. (That is to say, Road Trip Adventure is similar to Choro-Q Wonderful!).

Treasure Chests Many treasure chests which are included the parts appear in the game.

No money system In the game, money is not appeared. To get parts, you have to find a treasure chest.

Petrol System The original Petrol System appeared in Choro-Q Wonderful! You can only refuel by going to the Q's Factory. If your petrol tank is empty, you can't run quickly.

Stamps The original Stamps System appeared in Choro-Q Wonderful!. You have a stamps book to gain stamps you can get them around the cities.

Time Travel The original Time Travel System appeared in Choro-Q Wonderful! If you installed the time travel machine, when you reached to 300 km/h, you can travel to the past. When you're in the past, you can travel back to the modern.


Playable Bodies in Choro-Q Wonderful!

Car Picture
Volkswagen New Beetle
CQW Beetle
Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
CQW Skyline
Honda S2000
CQW S2000
Austin Mini
CQW Cooper
Lamborghini Countach LP400
CQW Countach
Mitsubishi Pajero (V20)
CQW Pajero

When starting a new game, the player is prompted to select from one of six playable bodies: Volkswagen New Beetle, Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34), Honda S2000, Austin Mini, Lamborghini Countach LP400, Mitsubishi Pajero (V20). Unlike other games in the series, however, this is the only opportunity the player has to select a body, as there is no body shop in the game.

Bodies such as the Isuzu BXD-30, Daihatsu Midget II, Mitsubishi Galant, Buick Roadmaster, Lincoln Futura, Hino Ranger ladder truck, and the Suminoe Flying Feather are unusable, but can be accessed by glitching. However, some of this glitching can cause the game to crash.

Customization is virtually nonexistent outside of changing color. Interchangeable wheel designs, horns, and two-color paintjobs are absent from the game. Respective changes to the player's vehicle are made when parts such as the Wing Set, Jet Turbine, Big Tyres, and/or certain engines are equipped, but this is the limited extent to which the appearance can be modified.


  • Red City - The starting city in Choro Q Wonderful!, is a large size city with a marketplace, highway, and a farm atop a hill. The player can access Green Park by traveling across a drawbridge.
  • Green Park Green Park is an amusement park built on the highlands. The player can access Yellow Town by a course that leads down the side of the mountain.
  • Yellow Town Yellow Town is an old, rural town connected to Black City by a path which is blocked off by a wall. The wall can by opened by ringing a gong located adjacent to it.
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