City Scratch Mountain
Gender Male
Car Two-Toned Orange/Blue 1958 Plymouth Belvedere

ChoroMoa is bored and selfish. He wants C parts. After the protagonist gives him a part, he gives them an accessory.


  • "I want everything! I want everything! Bored, bored, bored.. Do you have anything interesting?"
  • "I want everything! I want everything! Tha...that!!! Is that! A frog ornament?? Ooooo!! I wanted this too!!! Thank you so much! But I didn't order this. Interesting..."
  • "I want everything! I want everything! Tha...that!!! It's a Ship Bottom/Side Jet/Jumping Heli/Jet Turbine/Submarinder!!! OOOOooooo!!!! It's mine! I REALLY want the Ship Bottom/Side Jet/Jumping Heli/Jet Turbine/Submarinder!!!! I want it! I WANT IT! If it'd be okay... Will you give it to me?"
  • "Re...really? Thank you! Thank you! Me soooooooooo happy!!! Now it's mine!! My gratitude! I give you this!! Bring something interesting for me again!"


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