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Annoucements and Updates

26 May 2015

  • Let's give a warm welcome back to our Co-Founder, Gerarghini! We hope to continue further success with this wikia with the returning admins coming back to the wikia!

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Choro-Q of the Month!

Mason is a hillbilly who lives in his cabin in Chestnut Canyon. Despite living in a luxurious, spacious area, he is not visited by many. This is because his house is only available to visit by going through the cave at the top of the canyon. He is visited automatically after finishing the Rock Climbing challenge. If players try entering his house without having completed rock climbing immediately before, his house will be locked.

Old News

3 March 2015

Thelazycooper has now been promoted as administrator, let's all congratulate him on the promotion and hope to see he will continue doing his best for the wikia!
Update: Front page admin list has been updated! New releases has been placed on front and will be controlled by LunaHydreigon.

3 March 2015

Springtime has arived early to the Choro-Q Wikia! Enjoy the new scenery by LunaHydreigon!

27 February 2015

LunaHydreigon will be introducing the Choro-Q Disambiguation Page! This will decrease the unnecessary excess crowding on pages. She shall now be separating all the pages into pieces! For those working on the Choro-Q Wii parts, please make sure to '(Choro-Q ____)' the title if it contradicts with another page! She shall also be revamping the ugly mess of redirects and fixing up all the broken links it causes. This will take a couple of weeks but it shall be done. During that time there is still lots to do here so remember to check the stub articles!

14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day! Let's give this Wikia and the Q Admins some love by giving it some edits this week! At this time LunaHydreigon is making possible new icons for certain pages such as the FAQ's mascot page will be replaced with new Choro-Q HG 4 Icons that has been seen on a few pages, this is still being planned out to see how they will effect the wikia as they are GIFs which cause lag sometimes. There is still lots to do here so remember to check the stub articles and edit them!

1 January 2015

Thank you everyone for working hard to get this wikia up within a few months! We wish you a Happy New Year and hope to continue to create this wikia till it is completed! There is still lots here so remember to check the stub articles and edit them!


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