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March 21 2016

  • Spring has finally arrived and the flowers are starting the blossom here at My City! Let's start this season with another peaceful victory as this wikia lives another season!

  • The Q-Administration has been taking a break to have so fun with their lives and to celebrate how far we have gotten on this wikia! Questions may still be asked regarding other games and we shall help you! Just remember that LunaHydreigon will always be monitoring the wikia, even if she isn't editing, but don't fear! She'll usually fix any mistakes if you made any. Enjoy Fall everyone!

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Choro-Q of the Month!

Captain Boane
Captain Boane is the fourth commanding tank in Shin-Combat Choro-Q. He is the commander of the Nibelian military. He is golden with green marks on him, most green marks with the symbol of Nibelia.

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Welcome to Choro Q Wiki
But first what is Choro-Q! Choro-Q is a Japanese branded game series of Chibi-fied vehicles, mainly cars called Choro-Q! There they live to race and thrive along one another in the universe of cars! And if you want to help this Wikia grow, you can help by editing!

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