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1 January 2016

  • Happy New Year! The Q-Admins wish you all have a fun holiday! Enjoy the break!

  • The Q-Administration has been taking a break to have so fun with their lives and to celebrate how far we have gotten on this wikia! Questions may still be asked regarding other games and we shall help you! Just remember that LunaHydreigon will always be monitoring the wikia, even if she isn't editing, but don't fear! She'll usually fix any mistakes if you made any. Enjoy Fall everyone!

  • Live 24/7 Skype Chat is now available in replacement of the Wikia's Live Chat! Head to the Announcement Thread and read the rules before joining the chat of Choro-Q! Click Here To Join

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Choro-Q of the Month!

Wolf is a yellow Honda NSX who enjoys racing "that comes with a ferocious bite" (this is a bit of a lie, as he finishes in the spot a cameo racer would- 19th), he is also a recruitable car only in Peach Town . He calls himself a 'lone wolf'. He races in Mushroom Road's Oval Raceway.

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