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14 July 2015

  • Due to recent anonymous editing with fatal errors and causing work for the Q-Admins, we wish you all to never put in your own personal feelings about things or just plain destroy pages. If you are really unsure about something ask LunaHyreigon or Thelazycooper! Just remember, most of these information is correct or may be wrong, LunaHydreigon will always be checking over all edits made by non Q-Admins to fix errors, so please don't be afraid to come back and edit.

~Thank you, LunaHydreigon

  • Live 24/7 Skype Chat is now available in replacement of the Wikia's Live Chat! Head to the Announcement Thread to find out more about how to join the Q-Admins and other fans in a fun adventure all about Choro-Q!

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Choro-Q of the Month!

Stance is a car found driving around the valley-pass in Chestnut Canyon.

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