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Announcements and Updates

Hello users! We are planning to create the parts pages of Choro-Q!, but we would like to hear from your opinions about the type for the parts pages. Since some of the parts don't have model or picture, beside Tyres, Wheels, Wings and Optional Parts.

The poll was created at 10:03 on September 2, 2016, and so far 43 people voted.

  • Hello Q-members! Do you want to help the wikia grow? Well, we need help on finish and creating new pages! Lend us your knowledge and help us out! Check the Article Stubs and edit them!

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Currently Released

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Not available on Amazon yet.

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Choro-Q of the Month!

Eskan is the younger brother of Draoga and a member of the Tough Chicks, he meets you for a challenge at Brachy. Later he told Draoga that you were "bullying" him. At night sometime later, at the hang-out, Draoga got mad at Eskan because he lied to him that about what happened between you and him. He hits Eskan and says that he trusts nobody. This is the possible reason why Draoga doesn't want Eskan to be a bully, because he read his mother's letter about Eskan.

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But first what is Choro-Q? Choro-Q is a Japanese branded game series of Chibi-fied vehicles, mainly cars called Choro-Q! There they live to race and thrive along one another in the universe of cars! And if you want to help this Wikia grow, you can help by editing!

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