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Norahike (known as "ノラヒカ" or "Norahika" in Japan) is the retired racer from the past, and a major character and mentor to the player in Choro Q HG 4.


1 January 2015

Thank you everyone for working hard to get this wikia up within a few months! We wish you a Happy New Year and hope to continue to create this wikia till it is completed! There is still lots here so remember to check the stub articles and edit them!

7 December 2014

We are happy to announce that there are now at least 173 stubbed articles left! This wikia is 87% complete! Thank you all that have helped us so far! Within over 7 months, we have made it to the goal to finally have it nearly complete! Many updates are to come as there is a plan to have a new seasonal background designed by LunaHydreigon! Also we would like to find users to start helping us set up the Penny Racers Party: Turbo-Q Speedway, Seek and Destroy, and Choro Q HG pages! There is still lots here so remember to check the stub articles and edit them!

30 September 2014

We are happy to announce that all the Choro Q HG 4 and Choro Q HG 2 Pages are remodeled and most are complete! Let's give a big clap to the admins and wikia users for this fantastic milestone! Thank you all for helping us come this far and helping Tigernose get this wikia back up and running after so many years! There is still lots here so remember to check the stub articles and edit them!

8 September 2014

Lets give a very late welcome back to: Crescendospectredagon who has now joined our ranks as admin!
We shall now update our two statuses
- LunaHydreigon has now checked around approximately 763 wikia pages and fixed their templates! Though over 3/4 of the pages are incomplete! They need your help to be filled out! Be sure to check the Choro Q FAQ for more information on how to edit templates!
- At this time Crescendospectredagon is currently updating the long to be completed Choro Q HG 3 Pages!
Everyone is working hard and we hope to finish our inspection and begin fully adding pictures and fixing unnecessary errors and issues also! If you want to help check the stub articles or our public To-Do List!!!

23 July 2014

We have reached a milestone! LunaHydreigon, Gerarghini and Royaltf427 all have been working hard to cover all of the pages on this wikia! At this time this wikia is 25% Checked and Reviewed! Congratulations to everyone! We will continue hard on the work to make this a great wikia!

4 July 2014

Happy Forth of July for Americans!
LunaHydreigon and Collagen have been made as Admins!
All Gadget Racers (EU) will be changed into Choro Q HG 3 to cause less confusion!
All ChoroQ (USA) will be changed into Choro Q HG 4 to cause less confusion!

23 June 2014

LunaHydreigon and Collagen are working as much as they can do as regular users on making sure everything is up to date with this wikia!

15 February 2012

Road Trip Adventure is now available on the PlayStation Store to play on your PS3 for only £3.99!

23 January 2011

Check out Tigernose's Let's Play of Road Trip Adventure on the official Choro Q Wiki YouTube channel, here! Tigernose will be collecting all the stamps for a 100% completion of the game.

20 October 2010

We will be moving off Wikia in the future. Our URL will change to either, or possibly! Please click here to learn more about this, and how you can help!

4 October 2009

We have our own IRC channel! That means we can directly chat to eachother about the game and the wiki. To learn more about this, click here.

9 August 2009

Firstly, because of the transition, every ingame article must have a section called "appearances". This section shows what game the subject of the article appears in. Please with an indent, name the game in italics, underneath the heading. Thanks. Also, I introduced AJAX to the wiki system. This simply auto-refreshes some pages. To enable it, press "CTRL+F5", and then go to the recent changes and click on the tick-box at the top of the page saying AJAX. Thanks.

1 August 2009

We are now officially the Choro Q wiki! We advise anyone who knows about the other games to make edits now, and for existing users we advise you to change all "Road Trip Adventure Wiki" namespaces to become Choro Q namespace pages.

17 December 2008

Gameknowledge and Tigernose have started a new YouTube account for Road Trip Adventure videos. This new account is called "RoadTripVids".


Gerarghini Gerarghini - Wikia Owner
LunaHydreigon LunaHydreigon - Admin
Collagen Collagen - Master Coder
Cresendo Crescendospectredragon - Admin


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