City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Grey/Blue/White WRC Ford Focus

Chunk (known in Japan as チャンク (Chanku)) is a Japanophile in Noise City. He loves ninja, samurai, kabuki and just other Japanese memorabilia, what he wanted was the Japanese spirit which is a rice cake. After the protagonist has given him Japanese spirit, he gives them "American spirit" for a reward.


  • "Hi! I love ninjas! Ninjas are number one! Samurais are number one! But overall, Japan's Kabuki's are number one. You should love Japan more. Japan is a nice country. I love Japan's things. You don't have anything Japanese? If you do, give it to me. Please."
  • (if the protagonist has a Rice Cake) "Oooh! You! You! That thing on you! That's a wonderful Japanese thing! Please give it to me. I will give you something good in return. You will give it to me?"
  • "Really? Seriously? Thank you! Thank you! Oh yes, that's right. I had promised. It is important to keep promises. That is the Japanese soul. Please accept this. Don't forget the American spirit either. Goodbye! See you! Until we meet again!"
  • "?? Oh!! It's a frog ornament! My pretty froggie! You brought it for me? Oh wow. Thank you! Seriously. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it."


  • Some people identify him as a weeaboo; someone who, of a Western background like the US and UK, is extremely obsessed with everything that originates from Japan such as anime, history and traditional manners. The weeaboos are quite like otaku, a subculture of anime/manga fanatics (although they can have other interests), but they act and sound like they are Japanese but mix some basic words with English ones and often put down Western animations.