City Chestnut Canyon
Gender Female
Car Blue/Pink 1980 Mazda RX7 (SA22C)
Recruitable Yes

Clary is a recruitable car found in Chestnut Canyon. She has weak blood pressure and can't race very well. If the protagonist recruits her, she will improve, but only manages to maintain midfield position during races.


  • "I'm dizzy... My blood pressure is low... {insert greeting}. Anyhow. It's not good. See you, {insert greeting}. If you don't mind, will you let me join your team?"
  • "I'm dizzy... My blood pressure is low... This is not good... But racing is what I live for. It's such fun that I get dizzy. But if I can be on the same team as the cool you, it'll be more fun! Will you let me join your team, instead of your teammate?"
  • (declining her teammate request) "Oh! Dizzy... My blood pressure has got lower. Well, too bad."
  • (accepting her teammate request) "Gosh, I'm so happy to be on your team... dizzy... I feel bad for your old teammate for letting me switch... dizzy..."
  • "Anyway... I think I'm dizzy not because of my low blood pressure but the air here is thin. Anyhow, it's not good. See you."
  • (whilst on the team) "Dizzy... I'm trying hard for the next race, although I'm dizzy. I might look weak..."