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City My City
Gender Male
Car White/Blue/Red 1976 Martini Porsche 935 Turbo
Recruitable Yes
Cobran (known in Japan as コブラン Koburan) is a car from Peach Town. He wanders around on the outskirts of the city, next to the river. He is also found in many races, and can be recruited. He is only recruitable after he moves to My City and builds his playground. He is white with blue/red trim whilst he isn't recruited.


  • "I love swings and slides. I want to build a place where kids can have fun! I don't have enough money to open anything in this city."
  • Is there a place where the property is inexpensive? If you find one, let me know.
  • (before telling him about My City) "I wonder if there's a place with cheaper property."
  • (not telling him about My City) Figures. A place like that probably doesn't exist.
  • (after telling him about My City) "My City, huh? I didn't know about that. Thanks! I'll check it out!"
  • Got to prepare to move to My City! Busy busy busy!
  • "Oh, it's you! Thanks for coming! I'm glad to see you! Doesn't just looking at the park make you happy?"
  • (if the protagonist says "I'm happy!") "That's what I thought! It was good to build this park full of children's dreams. I hope this park fills up with kids. Come and visit again soon."


  • Cobran is known in Japan as コブラン (Koburan) both in Choro-Q HG 2 and Choro-Q HG 3. And コブラン (Koburan) is an anagram for a Japanese word, "ブランコ" (buranko), which means "seat swing".
  • Cobran's park has bushes in the centre, a slide you can go up (possibly flying onto a rooftop), a teeter-totter, and poles where swings would be.
  • You can drive over walls on each side of the playground once you have Big Tyres.
  • Mien and Cobran seem to have a rivalry while racing since they both end up in the same places (15th to 20th) when unrecruited.
  • He comes back in the World Grand Prix in Choro-Q HG 3 as Cobrin.


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