City My City
Gender Male
Car Yellow Toyota Opa
Recruitable No

Coine (known in the Japanese version as コイーン (Koīn Coiiin, Coieen)) is initially found driving around Fuji City, but if the protagonist tells him about My City, he will build a house and move there. Once he is living in My City, the protagonist can give him Choro-Q coins that you have found. He will give them the second best parts in the game along with some bodies. The protagonist can get Stamp 46 for giving him all 100 coins. If they speak to him after receiving all of his prizes, he will say it is depressing that his dream is over.


  • "Hey! There are many Choro-Q coins all over the world. I just love Choro-Q coins! My dream is to fill my room up with Choro-Q coins! If I were to open a shop, I would make it a place to trade Choro-Q coins with other things."
  • "Tell me if you find a place for me to open a shop."
  • (before telling him about My City) "Do you know of any place where I can open a shop?"
  • (after telling him about My City) "Oh, My City. Is the land there cheap? I didn't know there was such a nice place nearby. Thanks for telling me!"
  • "Now I can gaze at my favourite Choro-Q Coins all day long! Hahaha!"
  • "Hey! You can find many Choro-Q coins in this world. Oh, it's you! I'm Coine, from Fuji City. Remember? I was telling you that I wanted to fill my room with Choro-Q Coins? Oh, you remember me? Cool. I built this place right after you told me about My City! Tell you what...I'll give you something nice for every 10 Choro-Q coins you bring me. It's a good deal, huh?"
  • (if the protagonist has any of a total number of 10 Choro-Q coins) "Oh, you have {insert numbers} coins! I'll give you this! I hope you like it."
  • (if the protagonist has insufficient ten Choro-Q coins) "You have less than {insert numbers} Choro-Q coins. Go and find some more!"
  • (after the protagonist found all the Choro-Q coins) "Gosh! You collected all of the Choro-Q coins in this world! Thank you! My room is full of coins now! Huh? Nothing has changed? Well, I hid them somewhere! See you!"
  • "Hey! We used to find many ChoroQ coins in this world! Oh, it's you! We can't find any more ChoroQ coins, since you've found them all. It's a little sad."


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