City Brachy
Gender Female
Car Red Austin Mini

Costel is an inhabitant of Brachy Town, who can be found driving around. She can be rather insulting to others, and is not particularly interested in racing at first. She used to know Barat and yourself as classmates back in the protagonist's school days, insultingly saying that they didn’t stand out at all, and appears to have had a liking for Barat, who hasn’t written her a letter since the time of graduation. Costel wishes she could see him again, and at one point mentions seeing the two of them together, asking if they could tell him to send her another letter at last.

Additionally, during the time of rising up in the racing world, she informs that the protagonist should often check the letters received in the mail inbox.

Calling you a dull racer earlier in time, she then shows greater respect once they had won against Otto in the Grand Prix, and now even thinks of them as amazing.

When Barat has passed away, she reveals to the protagonist that she actually loved him.


  • "You're {Protagonist}! You didn't stand out at all in class! To tell you the truth, I think I did like Barat. I wish I could see him again."
  • "Hey! You were my classmate, {Protagonist}. Barat hasn't written me a letter since he graduated. He thinks he's too cool."
  • "You might get a letter if you do good in the races."
  • "Are you reading the letters? You should check them often."
  • "I saw you with Barat the other day. Next time you see him, tell him to send me a letter."
  • "You're that dull {Protagonist}! How are you doing? Surprisingly you might be in the races. Well, it doesn't matter. I'm not interested in racing."
  • (After the protagonist has won the Grand Prix against Otto and becomes the new legend) "You're so amazing to win against Otto! Wow, just thinking about it gives me tingles!"


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