Curling Registration Receptionist
Curling Registration
City White Mountain
Gender Male
Car Pink Nissan Micra
Recruitable No

The Receptionist owns the Curling Registration. There are two seperate stamps to get in Curling. One for participating and another for finishing with 200 or more points.


  • "This is Curling Registration. At the start signal, accelerate to the white line. When you cross the line, your accelerator and brake will not work. Use your steering to stop in the scored circle. Do you want to go to the Curling site?"
  • (after the protagonist agrees to do Curling) "Let's go to the Curling site!"
  • (after the protagonist has retired) "What? You are giving up? Would you like to try again?"
  • (after the protagonist has played Curling) "Game over. Did you enjoy the game? Please come back anytime."


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